Who is eligible for tutoring?
Who is eligible for tutoring? Any Sinclair student who is enrolled in class for academic credit may receive tutoring assistance at no cost to the student. We are here to help students improve their academic standing.

What subjects are tutored?
What subjects are tutored? Tutoring can be given for most courses when students request assistance. Tutoring is usually not provided for the following: Performance related courses which do not require the use of reading, English, or mathematics skills.

What kind of help will a tutor give?
What kind of help will a tutor give? Tutors are expected to be knowledgeable, dependable, and committed to support student through finals. Tutors have shown their own ability in class by having an overall 3.0 GPA. They must have ability to share, interpret, and clarify course materials. However, they may not do "your homework." They may answer questions, clarify terms, but may not correct written work before it is turned in. The success of the help received also depends upon the effort given by students. Attend class regularly, read the textbook, be prepared for sessions, have relevant questions, and do homework.

Are other tutoring services available?
Are other tutoring services available? Open Labs: these labs will provide temporary tutoring assistance for those who do not need extended help. Qualified tutors are available at scheduled hours. The subject areas and the hours for those labs are posted at the beginning of each quarter.

How can I get a tutor?
Please come to the Tutorial Office, Library, Room 7L07. An application must be filled out with the class schedule and available hours. Since tutors have classes in addition to other students, help may not always be available at the time preferred. Quarterly open lab flyers are available in Tutorial Services.

How can my instructor help?
Instructors are the first resource. They are responsible for the primary information for courses. It is important to discuss problems with the instructor before requesting tutorial help. The instructor will also need to sign a referral form.

How much time can I have?
Tutoring can be provided for the entire quarter, until assistance is no longer needed or until withdrawal from the class. The limit is one hour of tutoring per week per subject.

What if I cannot make a session?
To cancel a session you must notify the Tutorial Office (512-2792) at least two hours before the scheduled session. Punctuality is also important. The tutor will wait fifteen minutes past the scheduled time. If you do not arrive within the time limit, an unexcused absence will be marked on your record. After two unexcused absences, tutoring for the subject is terminated. Tutoring may also be stopped if there are too many canceled sessions and/or poor class attendance. If the tutor's attendance or punctuality is poor, please check with the staff for another tutor. Time is reserved on the tutor's schedule for you. This means your tutor is not available to assist other students at that time. Also, tutors are not paid when sessions are canceled. We are here to give assistance to achieve academic success. If you have questions about the program, the tutorial staff is ready to assist you. If you are having difficulties or are dissatisfied, contact the Tutorial Services Coordinator at 937-512-2792. When we know about your problems, we can try to provide the help you need.