Test Proctoring

1. Students must contact Tutorial Services at least one week (7 days) in advance to schedule a proctored exam.

2. The test will be scheduled at the time requested, if possible. Students may need to schedule testing on a day or time that does not conflict with other class times or lectures.

3. Notify Tutorial Services at least two hours in advance if you need to reschedule a test.  The test will be returned to the instructor if not taken at the scheduled time.

4. Instructor or an authorized Sinclair employee must deliver the test to Tutorial Services.  Tutorial Services will deliver completed tests via campus mail to the instructor's department mailbox. Instructors also have the option to pick-up the tests. Cover sheet for proctored test.

5. To avoid any delays in testing, check in with Tutorial Services 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time to assure test delivery.

6. Tests will be given without breaks, unless the instructor gives written instructions.

7. If you have specific questions or requests, contact the Tutorial Services Supervisor, Elizabeth Scarborough  elizabeth.scarboroug@sinclair.edu or (937) 512-2792.

NOTE:  Any qualified student who use services such as reader/writer, interpreter, PED Assistant, or tutor -- the student will not be assigned their regularly assigned assistant to proctor quizzes and/or exams.

1. Once testing has begun, students are not permitted to leave the testing area without written permission from the instructor.

2. Unless specified in writing by the instructor, students are not permitted to take anything into the testing area (i.e. calculators, notes, books, etc.).

3.  Students will be proctored by approved Sinclair authorized tutors/employees.

4.  Tutorial Services staff will monitor all students in the testing area.