ANGEL Conversion for Semesters

As we get closer to the beginning of semesters in Fall 2012, all instructors who use ANGEL Course Shells for their hybrid course or class enhancements will find It  necessary to complete several tasks to prepare their course(s) for the new semester.

As a full-time or adjunct instructor, please review the following scenarios and if one of the circumstances reflects your situation, the steps necessary to prepare have been created as “Step-by-Step Instructions” or "Video Tutorials" to help you navigate through the processes.

1.  Course (Quarter) to Course (Semester) - Export and Import Procedures: A course section in which an instructor has created and developed a syllabus, content items, assignments and utilized other features, can be downloaded and then uploaded through the Import Console. It will copy all content from one course into another without student data. 
2.  Master (Quarter) Course to Master (Semester) Course - Procedures: The Master Course shell, which is typically "shared" with like named couse section shells, currently uses the three (3) digit course identifier and is moving to a four (4) digit course identifier. Therefore, the old Master Course shell shared filters WILL NOT work with the new semester section course shells. Course content can be downloaded (exported) and then uploaded (imported) through the Import Console.
3.  Master (Semester) Course to Course (Semester) - Procedures: A master course, which serves as a template for a course or specific group of courses, is copied into a course shell using the Import Console. **Note: If you copy from a Master Course shell to your teaching course shell, follow this process.
4.  Sinclair "Syllabus" Template & Semester Clean Up Procedures: The syllabus can be created by using a form that allows you to type syllabus information in an ANGEL syllabus template. All new semester course shells come with a Sinclair Syllabus template, under the Lessons tab, with fill-in-the-blank options that make it easy for you to build a professional looking syllabus for your course. The template includes standard areas of information and can be edited to fit your needs.


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