Sinclair "Syllabus" Template & Semester Clean Up Procedures

Step I: Using the Sinclair "Syllabus" Template: All new semester course shells come with a Sinclair "Syllabus" template that allows you to type in information and includes the relocation of the "Syllabus" template under the Lessons tab (rather than being a tab). This makes it easy for you to build a professional looking syllabus for your course.The template includes standard areas of information and can be edited to fit your needs.

Warning! Do Not copy the master course or another course after new semester begins and students have entered your course. The second course copy will cause you to delete or lose your student data or submissions.

Video: Semester Syllabus Template  
Step-by-Step Instructions:
 Semester Syllabus Template (PDF Version)

Here are the steps you will need to take to create or edit the syallbus to make sure it is up date for the new semester:

  1. Click on Settings under the Syllabus template.
  2. Click on the icon to maximize the editor size to go to full-scren editing mode.
  3. Scroll down to the Course Information section.
  4. Add or edit Course Information for semester.
  5. Scroll down to the Faculty Information section.
  6. Add or edit your name and contact information to this section.
  7. Continue scrolling down to add or edit course outcomes, course requirements, grading information, specific course policies and any other information that you wish to update or change for the semester.
  8. Click the maximize the editor size icon again to get out of the full screen mode.
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the Save button.  

Step II: Semester Course Clean Up: Depending upon how the course was built (with or without a repository), repository/course links may need to be recreated within the new Semester Course. Additionally, the following steps will help you make sure your ANGEL Course shell is ready for the new semester.

  • Make sure your syllabus is edited and up to date for the new semester.
  • If you have any specific dates listed on any of your course material (including titles, subtitles, page text, etc.) be sure to change the dates for the new semester.
  • Check the start and end dates for all of your announcements and make sure they are correct for the new semester. Click the edit button on the Course Announcements nugget. Edit each announcement to change the dates.
  • Be sure to check all of the access dates for your content items – including all folders (if applicable) to make sure the dates are correct for the new semester. This is done in the Settings hyperlink under the Access tab of each content item. You will need to check the dates as well as the interaction dates for Assessments.5. If you are using Teams, make sure all of your Teams are set up correctly. Teams can be found under the Manage Tab.
  • If you are teaching a 16, 12 or 8-week curriculum, rearrange the topic folders under the Lessons tab, according to your curriculum version.
  • Once you have performed the course clean up, it is recommend that you Back-Up the course shell. Click on this link to view a video tutorial of the Back-Up Process

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