Teaching Syllabus Tool

The "Teaching Syllabus Tool" external access link has been added to the ANGEL new semester course (teaching) shell(s) under the Lessons Tab. Click on the eSyllabus content item link (syllabus has not been created), to create the syllabus. Then click on the Create Syllabus link, clicking the link will open the syllabus application in a new window.

**Note:When creating the Teaching eSyllabus there are several options: Either creating the syllabus from a New Teaching Syllabus Template or using a previously created syllabus from another faculty member.

In this window, select either From New Template or the Start From Saved Syllabus. With the Start from Saved Syllabus link and to find your syllabus, you can filter on Course Title, Subject Code, Course Number or Term and then click Get Syllabus button.

When a syllabus is selected from the list by clicking on it, you need to then click on the Create Syllabus button (below left) to create a syllabus from a saved syllabus or click the View Syllabus button to preview the syllabus to make sure that it's the one needed.

The fields will be prefilled with the course and other important information. To proceed further you must fill-in the Office Hours field first. When you make edits of information, make sure the green Save Screen and Continue button is clicked to move forward to the next screen or step.

External Access Link:  https://angel.sinclair.edu/SCCSemestersyllabus/syllabus.asp

**Note: If you click the Save Syllabus button on the left wtihout clicking the Save Screen and Continue button your changes will not be saved.

For additional Information: keith.knox@sinclair.edu or nancy.rader@sinclair.edu