The my.Sinclair portal is now powered by the Angel Learning System. While faculty, staff, and students will see some changes in the interface and navigation of the my.Sinclair portal, most existing features and functionality will continue to be accessible and unchanged. For your convenience, a summary of the Angel implementation's impact on my.Sinclair is included below. 
  • The Sinclair portal will continue to be accessible at the existing URL (
  • Users will continue to log in using their existing account information. That is:
    • Students will log in with (in most cases) their "firstname.lastname" and their password of choice
    • Faculty/Staff will log in with their network account information
  • Accounts will automatically be created for all new Sinclair students, faculty and staff.
  • SSO will continue to be available within the my.Sinclair portal.
Major Feature Access:
  • Most features currently linked or available within my.Sinclair will continue to be accessible with their user interface unchanged. A few of the major features that will remain available and unchanged are:
    • Student Email (no change to this feature)
    • Web Advisor (no change to this feature)
    • Online Card Office (no change to this feature)
    • FACTS (no change to this feature)
    • Class Rosters
    • On-line Course List
    • Institutional Links
    • Announcements and informational modules (for example, eNow)
  • Organizations (called Communities) will continue to be available with a new interface (more information to follow).
  • Courses: every single section taught every single quarter will continue to automatically get an on-line course shell (optional faculty use). However the course interface will change (see below for more information).
  • Access to past quarter on-line course shells (up to two years) will continue to be available to all faculty users (students have access 30 days after the course completion date).

New Features
  • Every faculty user will have access to a personal, internet-based file repository (allows users to upload files and access them through any internet-connected PC).
  • Instant Messenging System
Fully-Functional On-line Course Shells for All Sections 
On-line courses/enhancements will be available to faculty for up to two years making archiving and copying course information from quarter to quarter easy. Former quarter course shells will also be available for use with CWW and/or Incomplete students.
  • Course shells will continue to automatically be provided for every single section running each quarter. However, with the implementation of the Angel Software, the course features available in these shells will be fully functional; that is, faculty will have the ability to upload course materials into their shells and build a true course enhancement, rather than relying on the digital dropbox to "push" course information to students. For more information on how course shells and accounts are created, go to