1 : understanding and appreciating diverse cultures, mastering multiple modes of inquiry, effectively analyzing and communicating information, and recognizing the importance of creativity and values to the human spirit.

2 : allows people to live richer lives. A foundation for most careers and for the informed exercise of local, national, and international citizenship.

3 : general education is intended to impart common knowledge and intellectual concepts to students and to develop in them the skills and attitudes that an organization’s faculty believes every educated person should possess.

A Vision for General Education
We believe in unlimited human potential. General Education is a process whereby lifelong learners grow and fulfill that potential. General Education supports individuals in the quest to become whole, complete persons by encouraging development in areas such as thought, communications, values, creativity, felling, adaptability and awareness. General Education provides foundation skills necessary for successful living in the ever-changing present and future global environment.

In addition to encouraging uniqueness and personal development, General Education provides the commonalities which enable us to collaborate and achieve community. Indeed, as we face the challenges inherent in human existence, General Education is a key to solving the problems of survival for individuals, communities, nations and the species.

General Education Course Requirements
At Sinclair Community College, General Education course requirements may be met by successful completion of:

  1. the Ohio Transfer Module* **, and
  2. BIS 105 or 160 (or ALH 104 for selected allied health programs; and ETD 198 or OPT 198 for selected engineering programs), and
  3. COM 206 or 211 or 225

* For some programs, one or more of the following MAT courses may be required instead of the Ohio Transfer Module
Math course: MAT 101, 102, 105, 106, 109, 131 , 191 .
** For A.A.S. and A.T.S. programs, completion of the entire Ohio Transfer Module may not be required for degree completion.


Ohio Transfer Module (OTM)
The Transfer Module is a subset or the complete set of a college or university’s general education requirements. The Transfer Module consists of 54-60 quarter hours or 36 to 40 semester hours of courses in the following areas:

  1. English
  2. mathematics
  3. arts and humanities
  4. social and behavioral science
  5. natural and physical sciences
  6. interdisciplinary study.

A Transfer Module completed at one Ohio, public college or university will automatically meet the requirements of the Transfer Module at another Ohio, public college or university once the students are accepted. Students may be required, however, to meet additional general education requirements at the institution to which they transfer that are not included in the Transfer Module.

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