Job Submission Guidelines

Duplicating jobs may be submitted to Duplicating in several ways. The standard duplicating requisition can be submitted through the mailroom pickup and delivery system. They can also be dropped off directly at the duplicating service counter in room 5030, or you may also use the Sinclair Network and submit your jobs electronically. The Duplicating Department  Requisition form is located on the Sinclair Intranet  at Sinclair Forms, Other, duplicat.doc

The Standard Duplicating Requisition Form must be filled out completely before submitting it to duplicating.  Department information; (Name, Room Number, Phone Extension,) - Job information; (Number of copies, Number of Originals, Description of Job, Sides printed, Paper Color, and any Bindery Requirements.) The form must have a budget account charge number. 

The date we receive it and the date you want it delivered are also required information. If we do not receive it on the date that is written on the form it is subject to change. Lead time (this is the advanced notice and operation time required by Duplicating Services to enable us to complete a request (2 days, 48 hours from the time we receive the requisition in the Duplicating office); however, lead times may increase based on the complexity or volume of a request. We become extremely busy at the end and beginning of the quarter so please plan accordingly. If necessary we do enforce this policy.

As it is not possible for you to sign the Network form, submission of the Network form is acceptance of responsibility for copyright authorization. Submission of this form over the network certifies that copying of this material does not violate the new copyright law: Public Law 94-553, 94th Congress. To connect our Printer to your Computer to submit Jobs via the Network please contact the Duplicating Department at Ext. 2530.

All hard copy originals submitted must be "camera ready". Margins on all jobs submitted should be 1/2" on the top, bottom, and sides. If tape bookbinding or 3 hole punch is required, the left margin should be 3/4". Please submit high quality originals: high quality originals ensure high quality reproductions.