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eLearning Division



Combines classroom instruction with online learning to reduce seat time, providing more flexibility for students.


Provides 100% learning via Sinclair's Learning Management System, eLearn.


Courses designed to maximize learning through flexible pacing.

Quality Matters

Helping you bring a high level of quality assurance to your eCourse designs.

Student Support

We support online students who live 60+ miles from Dayton and students in FlexPace Courses.

How to Succeed Online

Requirement for students who want to register for online courses; we recommend it for ALL students, regardless of the modality of their courses.

Media Design & Development

We provide full-service design and production services to create engaging multimedia for your students.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Saves students money, and increases engagement and retention.

Instructional Technology Support

Questions about eLearn or other instructional technologies? Contact the Faculty Support Line at 937-512-2016.


Provides equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities.

Best Practices

Best practices provide a foundation of tried and true approaches to teaching in Sinclair's eLearning modalities.

Training and Equipment

Visit us to try out new technologies. We will support you with training and technology loans so you can test your ideas.