Accessible Parking Info

People with temporary disabilities can request a temporary disability placard from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles by visiting

For further assistance, students may contact Disability Services at 937-512-5113 or go to Room 10-421; employees may contact Business Services at 937-512-2518 or go to Room 7-324.

Accessible parking options

Lot A - Accessible parking is available on the third floor, near the walkways to Buildings 3 & 4 and to Buildings 13 & 14. This is a covered lot with 6'9" clearance.
• 55 accessible parking spaces
• 3 van spaces

Lot B - Lot B is a faculty/staff parking lot
• 4 accessible parking spaces

Lot E - Lot E is a pay lot for current part-time Faculty & Staff only. $1.00 will be charged to the Tartan Card. Entrance from Perry Street, next to Building 9
• 4 accessible parking spaces
• 1 van space

Lot I - Entrance from Court (Ludlow) Street, next to Building 19, Swipe Tartan Card to enter lot
• 3 accessible parking spaces
• 1 van space

Lot K - Entrance from Longworth Street, close to Mead Street, next to Building 13
• 8 accessible parking spaces
• 2 van spaces

Lot LL - Entrance from Fourth Street, exit onto Perry Street. Tartan Card only lot; swipe card at entry

• 12 accessible parking spaces

Lot M - Entrance from Fifth Street, next to Building 20
• 6 accessible parking spaces
• 2 van spaces