I-75 Traffic Advisory

Click the links below for maps, videos and press release files that can help you understand how the changes coming to I-75 will affect you.

I-75 Construction Update: Change in Traffic Flow Will Affect County Parking Garage

Beginning Monday, May 19, the following streets will be closed: Second Street near the I-75 overpass (between St Mary’s St. and Robert Dr.) and the northern portion of Vista View Dr.

Vista View Dr. will no longer be available as a cutover from Third Street to Second Street. Access to the County Parking Garage will also be affected.

For the latest information on the I-75 construction project, visit www.transportation.ohio.gov/dist7.

Suggested northbound travel out of Dayton:
Take Wilkinson to Monument
Turn left on Monument and follow over the Monument St. Bridge to Riverview Ave.
Turn right on Riverview Ave to Main St (note: recent Expansion of two-lane Riverview Ave to Main St is not in some GPS programs)
Main Street has onramps to north and southbound I-75 as well as access to Route 4
OR once the 35 onramp to I-75 is completed:
Take Ludlow to 35 West
Follow 35 West to I-75 North or South

Find more information about the I-75 Modernization project by visiting I-75 Commuting or by calling the 24-hour hotline at 937-425-8475.

35 East to Dayton Campus

35 East to Sinclair Dayton Campus

I-75 Special News and Information

View the I-75 Final Phase Guide pdf.

View the ODOT I-75 Special Meeting Video (September 17, 2012).

ODOT I-75 Modernization Press Release Packet

View the ODOT I-75 Modernization Press Release pdf.

Special Sinclair Driving Instruction Videos

Upcoming construction projects will restrict access to I-75 at the First and Third Street exits. These videos will help you establish alternate driving routes to Sinclair.