Sinclair Green Office Checklist

The Sinclair Certified Green Office Program is part of a college-wide effort to reduce our overall energy consumption and to reduce our environmental impact by conserving and recycling our resources. Office suites can become “Certified Green Offices” by:

  1. Getting at least 75% of the office suite personnel to join the ongoing green office effort
  2. Scheduling a site review
  3. Meeting at least 10 of the checklist items
  4. Working to complete any unchecked items

Green Office Checklist


To have motion detectors installed in your office space, please submit a Work Order to facilities indicating the room or rooms.

  • 1. We turn off all lights when a room is not in use.
  • 2. No incandescent bulbs are used in the office.
Other Considerations Include:
  • Post reminders at the light switches or doors
  • Install motion detectors to control lights
  • Turn off overhead lights if desk lamps and/or natural sunlight is sufficient.
  • Properly dispose of used CFLs


To have a recycle bin delivered to your office, please contact Bob Creager at 512-3090 or submit a Work Order.

  • 3. We recycle our used paper.
  • 4. We reuse paper that has text on only one side for use as scratch paper and other printing/copying.
Other Considerations Include:
  • Purchase copy and printer paper with recycled or sustainable content
  • Eliminate fax cover sheets
  • Have a recycling bin for paper at each work area


  • 5. We set the automatic power management system to turn the monitor off after five minutes, go to standby in 20 minutes. For more information on how to set this up, please contact the Help Desk at 512-4357.
  • 6. We shut off our computers at night.
Other Considerations Include:
  • Manually set computers to standby mode when not in use, instead of waiting for the automatic settings to activate.
  • Screen savers help prolong screen life, but they still use energy.


  • 7. We share one appropriately-sized refrigerator. It is an ENERGY STAR labeled product. (Or better yet, we don’t use a refrigerator)
Other Considerations Include:
  • For faculty, unplug (and defrost) over summer if not teaching.
  • Consider using a small cooler or thermal lunch bag instead of using a refrigerator.

Other Appliances and Electronics

To have motion detector power strip installed in your office, please submit a Work Order and request an “Iso-strip” to be installed.

  • 8. We minimize the number of additional appliances and electronics.
  • 9. If we have a microwave, we share one.
Other Considerations Include:
  • Space heaters are not allowed on campus
  • Use a power strip for easy shut off of all electronics
  • Use ENERGY STAR appliances for energy efficiency
  • Enable sleep mode on electronics, if available
  • Properly dispose of electronics and accessories, including batteries


  • 10. We keep used binders, folders and other supplies for reuse.
  • 11. We use washable drink containers (coffee mugs, water containers) instead of disposable cups.


  • 12. We purchase recycled, recyclable or otherwise green supplies.
  • 13. We recycle paper, plastic, glass, printer cartridges and other recyclables.
Other Considerations Include:
  • Know the location of the nearest recycle bins
  • Used printer cartridges can be sent to the mail room through interoffice mail to be recycled

Plant Life

  • 14. We have live plants in the office to improve air quality.