Top Ten Green Projects You Didn't Know Happening Right Now At Sinclair

Sinclair students have been making biodiesel fuel since 2009, by converting used cooking oil from the dining hall. Biodiesel saves the college money on gasoline, gives students a lesson in engineering and chemistry, and removes oil from the waste stream.


Sinclair recycles nearly all of its cardboard and sells it to a local waste management facility.


Your cell phones, battery, charger and all other types of batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, etc.) can be recycled through Sinclair's Facilities Management Service Control. Just deposit them in the box located at the Service Control Center located in building 17 Office.


Did you know used motor oil can be re-refined into base stock for lubricating oil? The Automotive Department safely disposes its oil to prevent damage to the environment.


After the success of the first-generation wind turbine, Sinclair is investing in a new 2kW turbine, which will power a bank of lights in the Energy Lab in room 11126.


The recycling program at Sinclair saves the college ten dumpster loads of trash a week.


Florescent bulbs are energy-efficient, but also contain small amount of mercury, which can be hazardous when damaged. Sinclair uses the Bulb Eater® to crush spent fluorescent lamps into 100% recyclable material while capturing over 99.99% of the mercury vapors released.


Sinclair reduces the amount of carpet waste going to landfills by recycling 100% of their carpet.


Aramark (our food vendor) is working with Sinclair to install "Energy Star" rated vending machines over the next four years.


Faculty and staff can sign up for new Smart Power Strips and Motion-Detectors to reduce the amount of energy used in their daily activities in their personal offices.