Hospitality Management & Tourism (HMT)

The Hospitality Management program can get you started in the right direction,  from running a first class hotel to a five-star restaurant.

The hospitality/tourism industry is the number one employer among service industries and is fast becoming the largest single employment category of ALL industries world wide.

Sinclair's Hospitality Management & Tourism and Culinary Arts programs are accredited by ACPHA. --Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration, and A.C.F. --American Culinary Federation.   (See the ACF web site for chef certification levels and the education, work experience, competition, and testing requirments necessary to advance in the culinary industry.)  National Restaurant Association, Educational Foundation ManageFirst courses available for ServSafe (HMT 1107), and Bar Operations (HMT 1125) certification.  Because Sinclair's Culinary Arts program is ACF certified, Culinary Arts graduates who are a Jr. ACF member need only complete an application and provide a college transcript to the A.C.F. in order to become a registered "Certified Culinarian". 

College credit toward Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts is available to high school students who complete requirements for the Ohio College Passport.  Once the passport is received, and a Sinclair Community College Application for Admission is processed, the student's original certificates/passport and a high school transcript must be submitted to Sinclair's Experience Based Education Department, Credit for Lifelong Learning Program located in Room 11-346; phone (937) 512-2800.  For more information on the college passport:

The Hospitality Management, Tourism/Culinary Arts Department is an active member of The American Society of Travel Agents .  The 'Tourism' concentration within Hospitality Management & Tourism includes lab classes that utilize a SABRE system to train students how to make computer reservations within the travel industry.  This training is highly sought by travel agencies, car rental agencies, and convention centers who provide internship opportunities for Sinclair students.  Tourism scholarships are available from ASTA and are managed by Tourism Cares -

Sinclair Community College is a League Board Member College
in the League for Innovation in the Community College.

Sinclair is one of just 19 League members, from more than 1,300 eligible institutions in the U.S. and Canada.