Internship Information

Internship Objectives

The Paralegal Internships are designed to provide students an opportunity to utilize skills and knowledge that students develop in the law office environment at Sinclair. Once the appropriate courses are completed there are many types of legal environments that are available for internships. Students need to plan to complete the internships at the end of their studies in order to take advantage of the most options.

In order to meet the requirements for the type of internship desired, students need to contact the internship supervisor at least one term before registering for an internship. Informational internship meetings are held at the end of each term to help plan ahead for the internships. These meetings give students the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss any issues they have about internships.

The internship instructor will attempt to assist in locating an internship that meets the students’ interests, as well as needs of the supervising attorney, corporation, or judge. The instructor will try to assist all students in making the internships exciting and rewarding experiences.

Internship Prerequisites

Prior to applying for an internship, the applicant student must have successfully completed all of the following:

  1. PAR 2401:  Internship
    • Litigation (PAR 1103)
    • Legal Research & Writing (PAR 1203)
    • Ethics  (PAR 2304)
  2. Obtain permission of the internship instructor


Please Note: It is strongly recommended that all students participate in the internship program during the last term of the paralegal program.