Paralegal Students & Alumni

Get and Stay Involved with Paralegal!

There are a variety of opportunities for current students and alumni of the paralegal program to stay connected with what's happening at Sinclair.

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The Paralegal Student Association promotes interest, awareness and academic excellence in the paralegal program. The group consists of current paralegal students interested in the following activities:

  • providing mentors to first-year paralegal students;
  • assisting in community and program events;
  • volunteering aid to community legal services;
  • organizing trips to legally relevant sites;
  • organizing networking events with alumni;
  • and other activities as decided by the group.

The Paralegal Student Association Executive Committee consists of the following paralegal students:

  • Damara Fredette, President
  • Laura Smith, Vice President
  • Kimberly Smale, Treasurer
  • Amanda Mieskoski, Secretary
  • Toni Wilson, Volunteer Coordinator

All paralegal students are welcome to join this group. For more information, email the PSA Advisor at

Sinclair Paralegal Alumni

Sinclair's paralegal program has produced hundreds of graduates now working in the legal profession. A Sinclair Paralegal Alumni Association has been formed to support the Sinclair Paralegal Program, as well as the paralegal profession.

The group operates with the following goals:

  • assist with community and program events;
  • provide mentors to second-year paralegal students and newly graduated paralegal students;
  • work with the Dayton Bar Association's Paralegal Committee to provide junior paralegals with senior paralegal mentorship; 
  • communicate job postings;
  • and network and socialize with alumni.

All Sinclair paralegal graduates are welcome to join this group. For more information, contact