Paralegal Department

Program Overview  |  Program Admissions & Eligibility

Paralegal Program Overview

Is a career as a paralegal for you?
We think so, and it's available as a paralegal graduate from Sinclair Community College.

Sinclair's Paralegal Program offers:

  • First two-year paralegal college degree in the Miami Valley approved by the American Bar Association
  • Day, evening and Web classes taught by experienced attorneys and paralegals
  • Excellent internship and placement opportunities
  • Hands-on training in a law office environment
  • Lowest tuition in Ohio

The paralegal program provides a practical and interactive learning environment that prepares ethical, competent paralegals with analytical, communication and technical skills necessary to excel in a diverse legal community.

Student who successfully complete the program will be able to:

  • Competently analyze substantive and procedural issues which arise in the law to prepare and interpret documents
  • Exemplify a high standard of ethical and professional behavior as a member of a legal team
  • Competently conduct factual and legal research and communicate the results clearly and concisely
  • Demonstrate fluency in information technology

Please Note: Completion of the paralegal program requirements does not authorize a graduate to practice law as an attorney.

Program Admissions & Eligibility

Interested in learning more about Sinclair's Paralegal Program?
Thank you for your interest in the paralegal program at Sinclair! We are happy to give you any information you need and help in any way possible.

There is a packet of information available that outlines the complete program requirements and provides details on when the required courses are offered. The packet also includes an application to the program and a list of all the resources you may need at Sinclair during the application/registration process. If you would like to receive one, please contact the Paralegal Office, (937) 512-2616 and it will be mailed to you as soon as possible.

You may contact the department Admissions Coordinator, Tammy Merritt, at:
(937) 512-2769 or

Program Admission

In addition to applying for admission to Sinclair Community College, students must also apply and be accepted into the Paralegal Program.

To apply for the paralegal program, you must complete the application form. This form can be picked up on campus at:

  • The Paralegal Program office - Building 5, Room 5141

You can also apply online by filling out the Paralegal Program's Online Application.

You may also mail the application form received in the information packet. Postage is included.

Note: Prior to applying for entrance into the paralegal program, students should have applied to the college for admission. For more information about applying to Sinclair, please visit the Admissions Web page.

Eligibility Information

To be eligible for the Paralegal Program, students need to show that they have received credit for college level reading, math and English, which are Sinclair courses DEV 0012, DEV 0022and DEV 0032.  This requirement can be fulfilled by:

  • Taking the Sinclair placement test and obtaining a qualifying score
  • Completing the necessary courses
  • Transferring credit from another institution

Students must also have and maintain a 2.0 GPA to be accepted and remain in the Paralegal Program.

Once accepted to the program, the Paralegal Office will notify you when you are able to register for the three introductory courses for the paralegal program: PAR 1101 Paralegal Principles, a legal course (3 credit hours),  PAR 1102 Legal Technology, a technology course (1 credit hour), and PAR 1103 Litigation (3 credit hours). Students must enroll in these classes during the same term and successfully complete both courses before they can enroll in any other paralegal courses.