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eLearning Strategy

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eLearning strategy involves planning and project management in three interrelated areas:
  1. Internal eLearning Division process improvements, cultural shifts, and knowledge building.
  2. Campus-level efforts, planning, and growth of eLearning options for students in all programs.
  3. External partnerships, community needs, networks, and recognition within the greater field.

Current or Continuing Effortschecklist clipboard

Here are some of the current strategic projects we're working on. Check back often for more!
  • Creating and executing a strategy around Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality for learners to be immersed in such technology for learning and growing these tools at scale. 
  • Investing in our growing division's Workplace Culture and Recognition for the hard work of our staff. 
  • Design of a SharePoint Hub Site for the eLearning Division's existing communications plan developed under the prior Marketing and Branding project. 
  • Programming and events through the Accessibility Campus Steering Committee such as an upcoming micro-credential program and other efforts.
  • Creating an eLearning Digital Equity Strategy to emphasize learner success through equity for online learners. 
  • Restrategization of competitively applying for External Awards through organizations in our industry such as the Instructional Technology Council (ITC), Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), and the League for Innovation.
  • Re-branding and simplification of CBE and PLA strategy to increase enrollment and flexible opportunities for Sinclair's learners.  
  • Consulting the college's Industry 4.0 strategy from the learning and technology perspectives. 

Recently Completed Effortscheck mark for completion

Our work speaks for itself! Completed projects and their partner(s) now benefit from our division's services.
  • Launched eLearnHelps as a mobile-friendly decision tree for eLearning shareholders to obtain entry-point help and support based on need. 
  • Designed custom systems-level Tech Prep automations for ease of communication across partners to streamline grading and reporting for Tech Prep students.
  • Captured the essence of the COVID-19 remote learning and services transition through Listening Sessions to improve courses, customer service, and collaboration among partners.
  • Supported the shift to Remote Learning for summer and fall terms through training, standards, and communication.
  • Customized Marketing and Branding for the eLearning Division to consistently share its messaging and brand.
  • Re-creation and intentional structuring of the Accessibility Committee to unify efforts aimed at promoting a culture of accessibility. 
  • Re-envisioned approach using eLearn for AJT Prison Education Program courses with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
  • Creation, in collaboration with IT, an eLearning Policy Manifest to centrally store and share related distance education policies.
  • Re-envisioning the UI/UX Design Principles and Guidelines for eLearning created courses, media, and other tools using robust data and testing.
  • Research and strategic contributions for a potential Midterm Grading system in our LMS. 
  • Facilitation for the launch and execution of a Faculty Development Program on rapid course design.