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Innovation Lab Projects

Projects and Initiatives

The Innovation Lab sponsors concurrent projects done through teams of faculty, staff, and other partners in support of Sinclair's three key strategic priorities: alignment, growth, and equity. Projects are guided by a "think-tank" approach using Lab staff and the advisory board's talents and connections to ensure feasibility and success. 

Projects fit into one of several Learning Streams based on their goals:

Creation and Consumption

Success for learners means faculty and staff must not only develop an idea - they must see it through to student consumption. And, students must be part of the process. Supporting both means the Innovation Lab empowers faculty to see their project holistically and promote technical, pedagogical, and creative competency to make it successful.

Learning Immersion

Students no longer rely on textbook and paper course materials to satisfy their learning needs. Learning immersion means using augmented, virtual, and mixed reality to promote engaged interactive learning. The future of education depends on projects that increase use of these tools in all learning contexts. The Innovation Lab provides a space to play, learn, and create ideas for how learning immersion can happen in any classroom.

Collaboration Hub

Nothing happens alone in learning contexts. We rely on collaboration for our students to succeed, whether in a class project or critical problem-solving setting. The Innovation Lab is a place that promotes collaboration - across people, courses, departments, and external partners and is a place to gather and share ideas.

Future of Learning

Sinclair is known for providing forward-thinking ideas for student learning success. Many of our labs, programs, services, and spaces came about due to a focus on the future of learning. The Innovation Lab provides tools, knowledge, and a place to plan for trial and error of new pedagogical, technological, and other techniques in the classroom to prepare learners for life-long learning.


Not all teaching approaches will become dated. Technologies change through evolution and refinement. The strategies used in classrooms successfully in the past can be the same in the future with some reimagination. The Innovation Lab provides a space to demonstrate these new methods, use trial and error, and 'work out the kinks' to position projects for success. 


Click the '+' sign to expand the list of projects both completed and in progress by the lab.

Each entry contains a summary of the project's goals, key personnel, goal, current status/timeline, and any links where applicable.

+   ACE Internationalization Lab

Clients:  American Council for Education, Sinclair partners, Students, Faculty

Status:  In Progress (began Spring 2020; Target ongoing)

Summary:  Participate in the ongoing Internationalization Lab efforts to promote the internationalization and diversification of Sinclair through its courses, experiences, and learning opportunities.

+   Agnostic Design Project

Clients:  Various

Status:  Completed July 2020

Summary:  Re-envision course design as modality-agnostic and focus on content and engagement development versus delivery modality.

+   AJT Chromebook Pilot

Clients:  AJT, ODRC, eLearning, Academic Divisions

Status: Rolled out Fall 2021; ongoing improvements

Summary:  Strategize and execute a pilot for inmate-students in three correctional institutions using Chromebooks and the college’s learning management system to expand educational opportunities and reduce inmate recidivism.

+   Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Clients:  Various

Status:  External Focus Group in process

Summary:  Working with OpenStax OER platform in an advisory role to learn the benefits of AI.

+   Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality in Learning 

Clients:  Students, Faculty, Staff

Status:  In Progress (began November 2020; ongoing as of December 2021)

Summary:  Examine the viability of using AR/VR/MR in Sinclair classrooms for student engagement, learning, and success. Diffuse these technologies across campus and provide learning for designers, faculty, and other users through traditional cultural building means.

+   Blended Learning

Clients:  Students, Faculty, Staff, Facilities, CTL

Status:  In Progress (began Fall 2021; Target Fall 2022 launch)

Summary:  Work with a collective group including facilities, faculty, eLearning staff, and other partners to create blended learning classrooms on campus and at Sinclair's regional centers to deliver classes in ways inspired by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Provide insight and guidance for users in numerous roles.

+   Blockchain

Clients:  IT, Building 10 Departments, eLearning, external partners

Status:  Under Research

Summary:  Creation of a digital credential ecosystem to support student and graduate economic mobility, digital literacy, and integrated partnerships.

+   COVID-19 Lessons Learned

Clients:  COVID-19 Lessons Learned

Status:  Complete

Summary:  Determined key lessons learned from the transition to remote learning and work across campus with numerous shareholders.

+   COVID-19 Remote Transition Research Project

Clients:  Students, Industry

Status:  Published. Available at Springer Publications/OhioLink (requires SCC login)

Summary:  Formal academic paper on student perceptions and confidence with shifts to remote learning. Link forthcoming to Tech Trends article.

+   Online Learner Toolkit

Clients:  Students, Support Services, eLearning

Status:  In Progress (current rollout TBA)

Summary:  Create learner-centric course modules to help students master specific academic skills, especially those which are in need of improved performance. Use technology to enhance student performance and outcomes.

+   Skylar AI Chatbot

Clients:  IT, Students, Faculty, Staff, eLearning

Status:  In Progress (began Spring 2021; Rolled out but improvements in progress as of December 2021)

Summary:  Assist IT with pilot and rollout of Skylar AI chatbot tool in my.Sinclair and eventual expansion to eLearn LMS as a tool for support.

+   Tutoring and Learning Center

Clients:  TLC, eLearning

Status:  Phases I and II complete and handed off

Summary:  Solidified relationship between eLearn and TLC; added pertinent info to Student Guide to eLearn.

+   User Experience and User Interface Design

Clients:  Students, Faculty, Staff

Status: Completed December 2021

Summary:  Analyze current design of courses, templates, and media to re-design based on UI/UX principles as necessary, and pilot with student and faculty focus groups. Create a Guidebook for division staff and partners to use in creating courses and materials to provide a robust experience for learners in a variety of contexts. 


Interested in Submitting a Project?

If you're interested in submitting an Innovation Lab project for development with our team, please fill out the Innovation Lab Project Proposal. The manager and oversight committee will review proposals and determine which to work on.

It is strongly recommended you review the Innovation Lab Policies and Procedures under the Visit the Lab page before submitting a project.