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DAYMUNC Staff Information

Message from the Secretary General

Hello! My name is Autumn Kern and I am the Secretary General for DAYMUNC 2020. I completed my undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Studies from Wright State University. I am currently a Master of Art in International and Comparative Politics student at the Wright State Graduate School, where I am studying the involvement of women in militant Islamic groups.

2020 marks my fourth year of Model UN participation. I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the program both at DAYMUNC and at NMUN, and appreciate the knowledge I have gained from acting as a delegate on multiple committees- with Security Council being my favorite! I am especially passionate about cyber security, weapons of mass destruction, migration, women’s rights, and the Middle East.

When I’m not busy with MUN related tasks, I enjoy reading, hiking, and baking. The Model UN program has been instrumental in shaping who I am as a person, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to lead this conference. It is my hope that every student in attendance leaves DAYMUNC 2020 as a stronger, more confident delegate, with an enthusiasm not only for Model UN, but to make a difference in the world.

About the Staff

Our staff consists of faculty, staff, students, and volunteers from universities and offices located in the greater Dayton region. DAYMUNC Staff members are appointed by the DAYMUNC Faculty Directors and the DAYMUNC Secretary General.

If you are interested in working as staff for DAYMUNC, please contact the Secretary General at for more information or apply here.

Important Dates

January 24, 2020 Position Papers DUE by Midnight
January 25, 2020 One Day Simulation
February 7-8, 2020 DAYMUNC XXVII

We try to emulate the rules and practices of NMUN. DAYMUNC is above all a learning conference - we are here to have fun, learn about international affairs and UN procedure, and to meet and socialize with students from other schools. It is not a teaching conference - delegates are guided, but not directed; we welcome students and adult groups from all levels of preparation and experience; everyone’s opinion is equally valued.