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Start Your Engineering Degree at Sinclair and Transfer to a University


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2 Years at Sinclair + 2 Years at University = Big Savings for Your Engineering Degree!

Program Transfer Information

The Engineering & Engineering Technology University Transfer Associate of Science degree program is for the student who plans to transfer to a four-year college or university for a degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology. If you plan on transfer to a four-year college or university, the University Transfer program is right for you! 

Sinclair’s Engineering programs allow you to take many of the basic classes required at universities – right here at Sinclair for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at those universities. Make sure to consult with your selected transfer institution, as well as a Sinclair academic advisor, before you select engineering electives and register for courses at Sinclair to ensure an easy transition to several of our partner universities. These specific University Partnership programs provide a clear pathway to success.


Making the Cost Comparison

We know the cost of tuition and paying for college is important to you. Check out the chart below to see how Sinclair's tuition compares.

Based on 30 Credit Hours Per Year:

Average Published Tuition Costs for Full-Time Undergraduates, 2019-2020
PRIVATE (4-year Nonprofit) $36,880. FOR-PROFIT $26,820. PUBLIC (4-year In-state) $10,440. SINCLAIR (Ohio Resident) $5,198. SINCLAIR (Montgomery County Resident) $3,780.
NOTE: These amounts do NOT include room and board fees incurred at typical four-year schools.
*SOURCE: The College Board. 2019-2020 Annual Survey of Colleges
** Sinclair Community College Pricing, 2019-2020

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