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Sinclair College

What We Do


  • Provides holistic coaching/advising and recommend interventions to assist opportunity youth towards the completion of their education/career and personal goals.
  • Provides case-management with the student by checking-in with student on a montly bases until he/she graduates.
  • Accurately interpets, applies and clearly communicates the high school academic re-engagment requirements, proccesses and policies.
  • Reviews and recommends resources and referrals for academic re-engagement actions as defined by policies and procedures of the divison and the College as appropriate.
  • Consults with school districts, partner schools/programs and community organizations to ensure accurate information is communicated and proccess completed in relation to school re-engagement.


Get Started

  • Call 937-512-FAST(3278) to learn about partner schools or other options
  • Schedule an appointment with our academic coach via phone or submitting the "Contact Us" form below
  • Scheudling options
    • Phone
    • Virtual (via Zoom)
    • In-person
  • Provide requested documentation for student at appointment (for in-person appointments ONLY) 
  •  Birth certificate
    • Proof of residency(ex:recent DP&L bill) 
    • Transcript (showing student’s current GPA) 
    • Shot records 
    • Select an educational provider and complete registration 
    • Complete assessments as needed (Math & Reading AND Resiliency) (for in-person appointments ONLY
      • Attend selected school’s orientation 


As a part of our re-engagement model, we administer assessments to identify our clients academic and social-emotional strengths, needs, barriers and risk factors.

Renaissance Star Assessment

The STAR Reading and STAR Math are standardized, computer adaptive assessments created by Renaissance Learning Inc., for use in K-12 education. Each is an assessment of a skill (reading practice, math practice and early literacy respectively) that cna be used any number of times. The STAR assessments are used in over 37,000 schools makring it the most widely used computer-adaptive in the U.S. 



Events & Opportunities 


Mentoring & Re-engagement Summit (information coming SOON)


ESOL Students


Taylor Scholars Program

Every student that comes through the Fast Forward Re-engagement Center is eligible to become a Taylor Scholar.  All Taylor Scholars must attend Summer Bridge at Sinclair.