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Honors Portfolio

The final step in completing all the requirements of the Honors Scholars program is the submission of the Honors Scholars Portfolio. It is highly recommended that students work on this portfolio throughout their academic endeavors at Sinclair Community College. This portfolio should include the following documentation, with the starred items as minimally-required material:

  1. Completed Honors Scholars Checklist
  2. Evidence of completion of Honors Course Requirements
  3. Evidence of completion of Service/Leadership Requirement
  4. Evidence of completion of Honors Experiences
  5. Original Honors Scholars application and two faculty letters of recommendation
  6. List of any awards or scholarships received while an Honors Scholar
  7. List of professional presentations and/or publications
  8. Copy of official transcript

This portfolio should be a professional representation of your Honors Scholars work while at Sinclair Community College. Meet with the Honors Program Directors for guidance on the completion of the Portfolio. Honors Portfolios will be returned to Honors Scholars after review by Honors Program Director.