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Sinclair College

Structure of the Honors Program

The current Director of the Honors Program is Katherine Rowell.

The Honors Program is located in Building 8, Room 025D. The Director of the Honors Program is assisted by a program aide and by the Honors Council. The Director reports to the Provost of the college. The heart of the program is, however, the dedicated faculty teaching the courses and working with students.

The Director's responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining and supervising the Honors Program Office, Building 10, Room 339
  • Recruiting Honors faculty
  • Recruiting students for courses and for the Honors Scholars Program
  • Coordinating Honors courses
  • Maintaining student records
  • Handling applications for Honors Scholars and Honors Scholarships
  • Developing in-service programs for Honors Faculty
  • Supervising the program aide in partnership with Phi Theta Kappa advisor

For more information, please visit our office or call 937-512-4331.