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For students who place at the high end of DEV or who find they may not pass their current course, reading or English Boot Camps can provide the extra push needed to move to the next step on their Sinclair journey. Boot Camps are offered as one-credit, one-week sessions for all levels of DEV reading and English. At the end of the week, a final exam is taken, and if the student passes, they are allowed to register for the next course level. For Spring Break 2013, 93 students enrolled in Boot Camps. Additional camps will take place during Fall Semester, August 12-16, 2013.


Intensive review of material in DEV 0010. Develop reading skills with an emphasis on strategies to acquire vocabulary, recognition of main ideas and supporting details, general comprehension of paragraphs and articles, and oral and written summaries. Intended for the student who tests highly in the range for DEV 0010, or who nearly passed DEV 0010.

DEV 0060 - Fundamentals of Reading Boot Camp - 1 Cr. Hr.

Intensive review of course content of DEV 0012. Through individual and collaborative activities, course will prepare students for college level reading and will introduce basic critical thinking strategies and a variety of study skills that promote student development and achievement. Intended for students who tests high on the placement test for DEV 0012 or nearly passed DEV 0012.

Prereq:  DEV 0010 or DEV 0060 or Other (Placement test score)

DEV 0062 - Academic Reading Boot Camp - 1 Cr. Hr.

Intensive review of content of DEV 0030. This course is an introduction to basic paragraph writing (topic sentence, body sentences, concluding sentence) and the principles of correct grammar, usage, punctuation, and mechanics. Designed for one who tests near the upper end of placement test for DEV 0030, or as a review for one who almost passed DEV 0030.

DEV 0080 - Foundations of Paragraph Writing Boot Camp - 1 Cr. Hr.

Intensive review of the introduction to the fundamentals of essay writing (content of DEV 0032), including the stages of the composing process; review of the grammatical principles governing correctness, and effectiveness of expression. Designed for students who test near placement in ENG 1101, or who nearly passed DEV 0032.

Prereq:  DEV 0030 or DEV 0080 or Other (Placement test score)

DEV 0082 - Foundations of Essay Writing Boot Camp - 1 Cr. Hr.

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