Program Review/Outcomes

The Developmental Language Arts (DLA), like other departments across campus, are required to participate in a full program review every five years.  The years between those five years are captured in an annual update.  These documents, along with the program review recommendations, the five-year plan for program outcomes review and the five-years for general education review, are located on the Provost website.  All faculty and any interested students are invited to visit the link below to read and understand the academic direction of the department.  Additional links below are to the college's website on assessment, general education, and student success...all of which are major institutional initiatives and major foci of the Developmental Language Arts department. These college websites help with the larger understanding of assessment, general education, and student success here at Sinclair. 

Provost Website
Assessment of Student Learning at Sinclair
General Education at Sinclair
Student Success at Sinclair