Developmental Language Arts - Reading

The Developmental Language Arts (DLA) Reading area has as its goal to empower students with the reading and thinking ability essential to their success in college learning environments. All courses blend individualized and collaborative work as students learn to read college materials with deeper comprehension and increased efficiency, marking texts, taking notes and summarizing ideas. The reading and writing connection is emphasized in each course.

Offered in this area are the following courses:

DEV 0010 - Fundamentals of Reading  3 Cr. Hr.

Develop reading skills with an emphasis on strategies to acquire vocabulary, recognition of main ideas and supporting details, general comprehension of paragraphs and articles and oral and written summaries.

DEV 0012 - Academic Reading  3 Cr. Hr.

Through individual and collaborative activities, this course willl prepare students for college-level reading and will introduce basic critical thinking strategies and a variety of study skills that promote student development and achievement.