Scholarships for Art Majors (Studio & Art History)
Student Exhibition, Burnell R. Roberts Triangle Gallery, 4th floor, Bldg. 13

The Art Department is pleased to offer scholarships to its majors during the academic year. Please contact the Art Department at (937) 512-5381 if you have questions regarding scholarship criteria and/or the application process.

1. Burnell R. Roberts Portfolio Scholarship

2. Olga Botezat Scholarship for Fine Arts Majors
3. Art Department Scholarship

APPLICATION CRITERIA - The applicant must: 


  • Be an officially declared Art major.


  • Have successfully completed at least 12 hours of course work that include at least 2 studio courses for Art majors and 2 Art History courses for students focusing on Art History Studies. 


  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA. 


  • Enroll for 9 credit hours or more for the Olga Botezat or Art Department Scholarships.


  • Complete a scholarship application and submit a 1-page typewritten statement discussing your artwork and goals (Ex: What do you ultimately want to accomplish in terms of your career? What educational activities will help you achieve those goals?).


  • Agree to maintain a minimum of 9 credit hours of enrollment for the semester in which funds are used.


  • Student applicants will complete a scholarship application by the specified submission date. Late submissions will not be accepted.


  • Scholarship applications are accepted each Fall and Spring semesters as determined by the Fine Art Department.




  • Applications are reviewed by the Art Department Chairperson and all full-time  faculty. Students receiving a majority approval will be invited to participate in a formal portfolio review.


  • Finalists will present their portfolios for review by the Art Department Chairperson and all full-time faculty. Finalists will be asked to discuss their goals in terms of their work, future educational goals, and career aspirations.


  • Scholarship awards will be based on 3/4 majority approval. Award recipients will receive notification letters from the Art Department Chairperson.


  • Scholarship awards may be renewed based on students' performance and faculty approval.


  • Scholarship awards may be used for tuition, general fees, books and/or supplies.

Scholarship invitation letters and applications are available beginning the second week of the term. If you are a declared Art major who meets the aforementioned criteria and you did not receive a letter inviting you to apply for a scholarship, please contact the Art Department at (937) 512-5381, Room 13-201.

Once awarded, scholarships will be payable effective the following term during the academic year.


NOTE: Criteria subject to change without notice. Please contact the Financial  Aid Office, (937) 512-2765, to confirm the the latest scholarship information.