Links of Interest

Communication model used in all departmental courses.

Interpersonal Communication resources and writing prompts

Effective Public Speaking resources and assignments

Frequently asked questions about online sections of COM 2211

Audio pod-casts and reviews of new books covering a wide variety of Media related topics.

This web resource provides articles, video and blogs on communication related topics of all sorts.

CommuniCast is a production of the Communication & Media Department at SUNY New Paltz. Our goal is to provide communication scholars and students an area to hear the latest in communication research across the field.

This National Public Radio broadcast links the impact of touch to biochemical responses in the brain and throughout the body with powerful impacts on performance and relaxation.

Web site of the national organization representing the field of Communication

Principles of ethical practice for the profession.

NCA online magazine for the communication discipline which is a useful resource to stay current on the latest communication research

The speech meet is ordinarily scheduled during mid Fall and mid Spring terms. Contact Myra Bozeman at 937 512-5102 for additional information.

This link connects to the National Communication Association's Sigma Chi Eta page. For more information about the Sinclair Community College chapter, click the link below.