Theatre and Dance Auditions

Thank you to all who came to callbacks and congratulations to the cast of

As It Is In Heaven

Peggy – Marley Judd

Hannah – Shalemar Davis

Phebe – Erin McGee

Betsy – Erin Waldon

Rachel - Zoe Mull

Izzy – Gabby Neuerer

Fanny – Rebecca Henry

Polly – Bryana Bentley

Jane – Ashlee Ferrell


See you at our first rehearsal on Wednesday December 16 and 17, 3pm – 5pm in the Black Box Theatre (Room 2411)!

There will be a field trip to Shaker Village, on January 6, 9am-9pm.

The deadline for being off book is January 11th.

Please indicate acceptance of your role by noon on Monday, November 23, 2015. If you fail to meet this deadline, you will be re-cast.

In order to accept your role, you must e-mail your bio to Patti Celek (

For guidelines in writing a bio please refer to

After you receive an email from Patti Celek approving your bio, you can pick up your script in room 2220.

Please remember, you need to maintain the physical appearance from the time of your call back. You are prohibited from altering your physical appearance, i.e. – hair color, haircut, piercings, tattoos, facial hair, significant weight gain or loss, etc., without specific approval of the costume designer for the production.  Please contact Kathleen Hotmer at 937-512-4096 if you have any questions.