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State of Ohio and the rules of the Ohio Board of Nursing require registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to complete 24 contact hours of educational activities every two years.

A contact hour is defined as 60 minutes of continuing education.

An educational activity can be participation in a workshop, class or clinical setting.  Independent study in the form of a self-paced activity is included in the definition.  This self-paced activity could be reading an article in a professional journal or taking a course prepared for continuing education through an approved provider (company mailings, internet, etc).

You can go to the website of the Ohio Board of Nursing for a complete listing of the Nursing Laws and Rules.

Continuing education for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses is offered through Workforce Development at Sinclair Community College.  Seminars and workshops are planned for specialty organizations and public agencies upon request.  Courses offered through Registration at the college are not offered for continuing education.

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