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We Welcome Your Comments…
For general program information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 937-512-5355
PTA Program office is located in Building 1, Room -031
PTA Program Public Comment Policy
The Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Sinclair Community College (SCC) engages in continuous and systematic evaluation and improvement. We welcome your comments, suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism as part of that process. The Grievance / Due Process policies (SCC Catalog and Handbooks) provide a voice for current and prospective students, employees, and other affiliated persons. However, individuals in the community who do not have a formal affiliation with this institution or program are also welcome to provide comments according to the following policy.
  1. This process is only for comments or concerns that cannot be addressed by existing grievance/due process procedures described in the SCC catalogue, Personnel Handbook or the PTA Program Handbook. 
  2. Comments must be provided in writing and signed by the author. Anonymous submissions will not be acknowledged, nor will written comments provided on behalf of an anonymous source.  
  3. Comments must be submitted to the following:
      PTA Program Chairperson
      Sinclair Community College
      444 West Third Str. Room 1031D
      Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460  
  4. The PTA Program Chairperson shall respond to all comments within fourteen (14) business  days to further discuss and resolve the issue. If satisfactory resolution is not or cannot be reached, appeal may be made to the Dean of Health Sciences. Again, if satisfactory resolution is not or cannot be reached, appeal may be made to the Office of the Associate Provost.   
  5. The decision of the Associate Provost will be final and not subject to further appeal. Neither the Dean nor the Associate Provost will become involved until all attempts to resolve the issue with the Program Chairperson have been exhausted, unless the comment is directly related to the performance of the Program Chairperson.   
  6. Any issues involving the Program Chairperson will be forwarded to the Dean of Health Sciences for initial resolution within  fourteen (14) business  days of receipt of the comment.  
  7. Records of all correspondence, meetings and final resolution will be confidentially maintained by the Program Chairperson for five (5) years. These records are not open to the public.
Important Information about Health Sciences Programs: The Health Sciences (HS) Programs consist of open enrollment courses (general education and division specific) and program specific courses with limited enrollment. The open enrollment courses may be taken prior to entry into the limited enrollment courses. To qualify for entry to limited enrollment courses, please see the program specific information packet located on each HS program's webpage.