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Career Training: affordable, reliable and enrolling NOW!

Career Training: affordable, reliable. B-Term begins October 17

Special Opportunities Open for Displaced ITT Tech and Miami-Jacobs Students

With a 129-year history of helping students reach their career goals, Sinclair College is putting together a special response this fall to help provide minimal interruption to those students who have been impacted by the closures of ITT Tech and Miami-Jacobs Career College.

Sinclair has created expanded hours and opportunities for meeting with Enrollment Advisors and Financial Aid representatives for students who have been negatively impacted by these sudden changes. Funds are also being allocated for a one-time $100 Book Scholarship program for transferring students who qualify.

Programs by Area of Study

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About Sinclair

Ready to jump-start your career or begin your path to transfer to a four-year university? Sinclair College has the right blend of academic excellence, affordability, diversity, and community for you to find your fit. Let us help you take the next step and show you why Sinclair College is the ideal place to start your college career.

The Value of Sinclair

Why Sinclair? Sinclair has over 220 regionally accredited programs to choose from, and Sinclair graduates are prepared to transfer to a four-year university or enter the region’s workforce with the skills needed for success. Best of all, they’re making that transition with the most affordable tuition in the state of Ohio – which translates to little or no student debt!



One of the lowest tuition rates in Ohio.


High Quality

Quality instruction, career experience, training and support services to achieve your goals.



Convenient locations in Dayton, Eaton, Englewood, Huber Heights, Mason, WPAFB and online.


Job Placement

We assist prospective grads and alumni in securing professional employment by linking them to employers in their career fields.

Fast Fact

Home 97%

of Sinclair graduates rate the overall quality of Sinclair as good to excellent.

Common Questions


Will my Sinclair credits transfer to other colleges?

Sinclair has more than 100 university transfer agreements that make it easy to transfer to advanced study. More than 3,500 Sinclair students transfer every year.


How much do Fall classes cost at Sinclair?

The average annual tuition cost for a Sinclair full-time undergraduate is 1/10th the cost of a private 4-year and 1/3rd of a public 4-year university. We also offer financial aid and scholarships for Fall students.


Will taking courses at Sinclair improve my job prospects?

All of our courses are designed to prepare graduates to enter the workforce or transfer to a four-year university. Students who complete degrees at Sinclair see a 114% median increase in their yearly earnings the first year after graduation.


I don’t live in Dayton. Are there Sinclair campuses near me?

Sinclair has five regional locations in Dayton, Eaton, Englewood, Huber Heights and Mason.


Does Sinclair offer online programs?

Sinclair has over 20 fully online programs. In fact, over 11,000 students enrolled in online courses at Sinclair in the 2014-15 academic year.


Does Sinclair offer complete degree and certificate programs?

Sinclair offers over 220 different degree and certificate programs. We’re sure to have one that’s perfect for you.


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