Pat and William


Bryn Smathers, an MRI Technologist at The Ohio State University Medical Center, feels very lucky to have earned his associate degree through Sinclair's Distance Learning Program at Hocking College. "Knowing what I do now, I would probably have picked Sinclair to move to, if not for the distance learning opportunity," he said.

His instruction was given via teleconference and intercom between the Sinclair and Hocking campuses, but it left Bryn feeling that he had received the full Sinclair experience. "I knew I couldn't get that anywhere else," he said. "It was a very well-structured program and a smooth two years."

"The detail and amount of time the teachers put into their classes had me so ready for the profession that I felt like I was ready for my MRI certification immediately afterward." This is exactly what he did at Kettering College of Medical Arts the following year.

As Bryn now prepares for his Bachelor's Degree at OSU, he remembers shaking the Distance Learning Program Director's hand at graduation and a bit of advice from his Mom: "Dedication and determination. It’s gonna pay off, buddy."