About the Fast Forward Center

Founded in 2001 to serve out-of-school youth, the Fast Forward Center partners with three alternative high schools that specifically serve dropouts and other Dayton-based alternative education programs to serve the needs of out-of-school youth. All of these programs are student-driven, allowing students to work at their own pace and earn credits in a school geared toward credit recovery. The Fast Forward Center has made the process for any Montgomery County student wishing to return to school easy. The student simply calls 512-FAST to schedule an appointment where he or she is assessed in Math and Reading and presented with school options. After the student chooses which school they would like to attend, the Fast Forward Center compiles a file of assessment results and contact information. The Fast Forward Center then refers the student to the school of their choice.

The Fast Forward Center serves youth, ages 16-21, who have previously dropped out of or are not regularly attending high school. The goal of the Fast Forward Center is to return the youth to high school, help them achieve proficiency, earn a high school diploma, and have a positive placement upon graduation (employment, military or postsecondary education). The Fast Forward program is one of the few (if not the only) county-wide out-of-school youth initiatives in the country that encourages and allows students 16-21 to earn a high school diploma. A GED is only recommended if the student is of the age where obtaining a high school diploma is not feasible (Ohio law allows high schools to be reimbursed for a child’s education until that child is 22 years of age).

At of the end of the 2010-2011 academic year, the Fast Forward Center had served more than 5,300 out-of-school youth. Of those students served, 2,422 earned a high school diploma, and 467 earned a GED.

Taylor Scholarships

In January 2007, John N. and Connie Taylor graciously established a scholarship program that allow graduates of Fast Forward Center partner schools to continue their education at Sinclair Community College. Qualifying partner high school students will receive a scholarship, providing each recipient the opportunity to earn an associate degree or certificate in any academic program offered at Sinclair.

Annual Reports

Click on the links below to download a complete pdf of the Annual Report by academic year.