Workforce Development Recruiting Health Care Information Technology Trainees

Sinclair Workforce Development is currently recruiting displaced and incumbent workers with health care or information technology backgrounds for a six-month retraining program that begins July 25. It is designed to increase the number of Health Information Technology (HIT) workers in Ohio.

To be eligible for this grant-funded training program, applicants need to either have experience working in health care as a clinical practitioner/health care worker, medical records, health information management processes, medical billing or hospital business office or experience in an information technology (IT) or information system role in a business or health care environment. Students who successfully complete the program receive standardized, non-degree certificates of completion. Workforce Development is able to offer eligible applicants funding to offset the full cost of the HIT training, which will be held at its training facility at Miami Valley Research Park in Kettering.

The curriculum focuses on job-specific training that supports the implementation of electronic health records in the following two roles:

Implementation Support Specialist

Workers in this role provide on-site user support for the period of time before and during implementation of health IT systems in clinical and public health settings. These individuals will provide support services, above and beyond what is provided by the vendor, to be sure the technology functions properly and is configured to meet the needs of the redesigned practice workflow.

Technical/Software Support Staff

Workers in this role support the technology deployed in clinical and public health settings. These individuals maintain systems in clinical and public health settings, including patching and upgrading of software. They also provide one-on-one support, in a traditional “help desk” model, to individual users with questions or problems.

Sinclair is one of 17 members of The Midwest Community College Health Information Technology Consortium. The consortium’s goal is to recruit and train a minimum of 2,700 health career and information technology professionals and students annually to assist them in becoming HIT professionals. The college is committed to training up to 300 students in the two roles of Implementation Support Specialist and Technical/Software Support Staff over the two-year grant period.

This initiative is part of a nationwide effort to meet requirements of the HITECH Act, which mandates that every U.S. citizen have an electronic medical record by 2014. Sinclair and the other community colleges are using the grant funds to train workers who will integrate electronic health record information systems at hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities throughout the nation.

For more information and to apply go online to the Workforce website or contact Brenda Latanza at 937-512-5505.