Sinclair Opens New Center for Faculty

DAYTON, Ohio (08/19/08) – Sinclair Community College knows - teachers who keep learning teach better. In an effort to maintain a learning environment for its faculty, the college recently started the Center for Teaching and Learning.

The purpose of the center is to create a place for faculty to grow and develop in pursuit of exemplary practices in teaching. In return, the college believes that students will have an even stronger chance at success.

“We see it almost as a means to an end – achieving student success,” said Associate Provost Tom Huguley. “Sinclair has provided a professional development program for faculty for over 30 years. The Center will ensure that all full- and part-time faculties can exchange ideas and mentor each other.”

The Center for Teaching and Learning will host workshops and seminars in addition to hosting an interactive web site. All programs will be available to the downtown campus, learning center and Mason campus faculty. 

Dr. Kathy Rowell, Professor of Sociology, will serve as the director for the Center. Rowell has taught for 13 years in the Sociology Department at Sinclair. She was recognized as the Outstanding Community College Professor of the Year by the Council for Advancement of Scholarship and Education and the Carnegie Foundation in 2005.

"I believe that a commitment to high quality teaching standards is necessary in order to help Sinclair students succeed,” stated Rowell.

For more information about Sinclair’s Center for Teaching and Learning, contact Dr. Rowell at (937) 512-3044.


Natasha Baker, APR
Director of College Relations
P 937-512-2221
C 937-231-4957