Coal Country Kicks Off Sinclair Screenings

On Monday, April 26, Sinclair Community College kicked off its inaugural event, Sinclair Screenings, with a viewing of the film Coal Country. This film told the compelling story of modern coal mining and the dramatic struggle around the use of this resource. Through personal experiences and vivid imagery, Coal Country shows the Appalachian miners and residents locked in conflict of economic survival and nature's preservation.

Before the screening began, a brief reception was held with light refreshments and discussion. At 2:30, the audience was welcomed with a bluegrass musical performance by the Bluegrass Pickers. A Sinclair Appalachian studies and history adjunct faculty member, Kathy Hayes, also performed with the band. Check out the images below to see who else was behind the music.

After the showing of the film, Mari-Lynn Evans thanked the audience for coming to see the film and shared how personal the film continues to be for her. With her brother currently working as a miner, she has had many conversations on both sides of this coal mining debate. The audience was very receptive of her film and the stories she portrayed.

Many people told their own stories of family members or even themselves working in the coal mines. The question and answer session vividly mirrored many of the issues addressed in the film, including mining safety, regulations and environmental concerns. Even those people that came into the event with great doubt about what Coal Country would portray shared their thanks for the truth behind the film.

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