Pride Visits Veterans at the Dayton VA

Sunday afternoon, the 2011-12 Men’s Basketball team visited with the proud vets at the Dayton VA Medical Center. Once inside the medical tower, the team visited each working floor and spent time with the inpatients and their families. Many times the players were able to make a hometown connection with a Vet that generated many side conversations that lead to many other stories that the Vets enjoyed telling. Other Vets talked about their families and some even opened up about experiences they had serving. Sometimes a quick hello turned into a 15-20 minute conversation unexpectedly. As the team moved from room to room and floor to floor, the size of the group got smaller due to the great conversation going on in each room. A great day had by all, members of the Sinclair Men’s Basketball team left the VA with a few new friends and a new understanding of the brave people that serve this country.

The Dayton VA Medical Center proudly serves Veterans in Southwestern Ohio and Richmond, Indiana through one inpatient facility and four community based outpatient clinics. They have a proud heritage of providing high quality health care to those who have served our country since 1867. The Dayton VA is one of the three oldest VA facilities, providing continuous service to Veterans for over 140 years.

The Dayton VA Medical Center provides comprehensive health care through medical, surgical, mental health, geriatric, physical & rehabilitation services, neurology, oncology, dentistry, and hospice. The Medical Center has 500 hospital beds (265 nursing home beds, 120 Acute Care beds, and 115 domiciliary beds). The medical center also has sharing agreements with Wright Patterson Air Force (military base), in the State of Ohio, and eleven (11) community hospitals. The facility is a national referral center for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It offers a wide variety of special programs as well, including a hospice unit, geriatric evaluation and management, respite care, an Alzheimer's unit, home base primary care, residential and outpatient post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse programs, as well as homeless, sleep disorder, and women's health programs.

Coach Price
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Sinclair Community College
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