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DEH 2603 Dental Hygiene Clinic III

Clinical dental hygiene practice with emphasis on advanced instrumentation and procedures, adjunctive therapies, dietary assessment and nutritional counseling, tobacco education and cessation strategies, risk assessment, coding strategies, pain control, evaluation of dental hygiene care and prognosis.

Division: Health Sciences
Department: Dental Health Sciences
Repeatable Credit: No
Offered Online: No

Prereqs: DEH 2509 


  • Demonstrate advanced instrumentation skills and procedures in the provision of preventive and therapeutic dental hygiene services.
  • Demonstrate the application of various adjunctive therapies to augment debridement in preventive and therapeutic dental hygiene care.
  • Demonstrate dietary assessment and nutritional counseling in the context of comprehensive dental hygiene care.
  • Provide tobacco education, cessation counseling, and cessation resources in the context of comprehensive dental hygiene care.
  • Identify individuals at risk for dental disease(s) and develop educational and supportive intervention strategies.
  • Demonstrate the use of pain control in the clinical setting in the administration of local and topically applied anesthesia.
  • Demonstrate the ability to accurately utilize CDT codes in care plan development for a various dental and dental hygiene procedures.
  • Evaluate the process of dental hygiene care to determine the need for re-treatment and/or referral as well as to determine prognosis.

Credit Hours: 3

Practicum Hours: 21