DP&L Provides Light at the End of the Tunnel

Patricia ZimmerlinPatricia Zimmerlin is a mother of one son. However, she provides childcare for a number of other children in a shared babysitting role so that she can attend classes at Sinclair.
As a full-time student, Patricia worked hard to find various ways to cut down spending money. When Patricia found out that she was not eligible to receive financial aid, scholarship money became her light at the end of the tunnel. 

Patricia graduated from Sinclair in June. Thankfully, she received the Dayton Power and Light Access Grant to pay for her final quarter at Sinclair.
“Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to graduate,” she shared.
Patricia plans to transfer to Wright State University to get her B.S. in Accounting. Her ultimate goal is become an accountant and eventually move into supervisory roles. 

Patricia believes that “everything at Sinclair worked out to her advantage.” Patricia deeply appreciated the low tuition rates that Sinclair offered as well as the education she received. She enjoyed her classes as well as her professors, and is grateful for the scholarship support she received from the Sinclair Foundation.