Sinclair is the Right Choice

Susan DudekSusan Dudek is an ideal image of a super-mom. This single mother works two jobs while attending college courses at Sinclair Community College. Susan decided to go back to school to earn her Call Center Certificate so that she proved, in her words, “that I did something for myself even though it's later in life.” With the expenses of being a single mother, working two jobs still only allows for a tight budget. Thanks to the Harriet and Richard Gabori Scholarship, Susan was able to go back to school to leave a positive impression for her son and fulfill one of her ultimate goals, accomplishing a college education.

Due to Susan’s busy schedule, she takes Sinclair courses online. “I can't drive north all the time, nor with two jobs can I possibly handle it” Susan explains. “The online program is so perfectly laid out, easy to follow and absolutely incredible. Teachers are so responsive—they are a great group at Sinclair.” Thanks to the convenience, Susan is able to squeeze in a few things she enjoys such as working out at the gym, watching movies, and spending time with her son.

“I have so LOVED Sinclair and it's the right choice for me. I know now that my son has the choice of Sinclair to achieve an associate degree at a lesser cost than traditional colleges. I'm already saving for him and with such great donors; he too can receive scholarships like I have here at Sinclair and achieve his personal goals.”