Valarrya at Sinclair

Securing a Great Future

Valarrya is proud to be the first person in her family to finish college. After years of taking time off school, she returned to finish her degree. After overcoming her difficulties in math she managed to conquer the obstacle with the help of tutoring and much determination.

Valarrya started at Sinclair Community College in 2004 before taking time off because of life challenges. She wanted to be able to support her family and she knew the only way to do that was to finish getting her education. She believes a lack of education can correlate with the occurrence of recreational violence which led her to organize an educational fair at the Dayton Metro Library. Valarrya has dreams to start a non-profit organization that encourages education in communities that are categorized as places with high crime and violence rates.

Valarrya is proud she was able to receive the Taylor Access Grant. “Receiving the Taylor Access Grant really helped me to secure a great future. I am proud to say I will be the first in my family to graduate.” says Valarrya. She will graduate May 2014 with a degree in Communications.