Two-way Interactive Classrooms
The goal of the CIL is to transform the educational process from passive lecture based classes to an environment in which students are intensely engaged and absorbed in the learning process.

In this learning environment, the Cyber Services team assists faculty using multimedia equipment in the CIL classrooms and provides support for two-way interactive classes.

Nine classrooms in the CIL are wired to receive interactive class lectures. Each of these interactive learning classrooms is outfitted with a PC, a document camera, a VCR, a DVD/CD player, and at least two cameras. Also included is a push-to-talk/see microphone for each student and large projectors on which the class and the instructor can see the remote site. Three of these classrooms are equipped with cameras necessary for two-way videoconference classes.

The interactive learning classes are a great way to gain perspective from students who live in a different region and for students in rural areas to take classes not offered within their area.

Below you will find a list of specialized classrooms and learning areas located in the CIL.

  • Two-way Interactive classrooms located on the Lower Level and First Floor
  • Flexible classrooms with moveable furniture
  • Lounges - areas for studying and casual conversation
  • Cyber Cafe - students can check email, my.Sinclair, etc.