Registration Information

Sinclair Community College has implemented a few changes in how College for Lifelong Learning classes are offered for our 2,000+ students:

Easier to Find Your Favorite Classes

All CLL-dedicated, lifelong learning non-credit classes will have a 6000 number. For example, the number for Aquatic Exercise is now PED 6211. You may still register to audit credit courses during the late registration period if space is available. Check the current spring semester schedule for the list of available classes; just search "non-credit".

Easier to Budget

Each of the semester-long classes will carry a $20 fee. Some classes may carry an additional lab fee. However, students enrolled in a 6000 level non-credit class will receive FREE parking at all Sinclair locations beginning Fall 2015! Please contact the College for Lifelong Learning office at (937) 512-5184 with any questions you may have.

Easier to Learn What Interests You

Since everyone in class will be a lifelong learner, we can cover the material most relevant to YOU!

Easier to Register!

You can now register in person or online during the complete registration period. Register early to ensure you get the class you want!

Spring 2016 Registration:

Full Term:
Nov 2 through January 4
Golden Age and Audit Registration January 5 - 8

B Term:
Nov 2 through Mar 9
Golden Age and Audit Registration Mar 10-11

Spring Semester Begins Jan 11

See Full Academic Calendar 



Seminar & Workshop Registration

There are three ways to register:

  • By Mail - Send your completed registration form to the address on the form
  • In Person - Bring your application and payment to the College for Lifelong Learning, Building 10, Room 10112 at the Dayton campus
  • By Phone - (937) 512-5184 or (937) 512-2372

    Hours of Operation:

    In Person or by phone: Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    Off-campus, Non-Credit class information

Senior Center Site Information

If signing up for a course at a community or senior center, register with the instructor, the site, or the college for Lifelong Learning office. For your information, some sites may require membership.

Auditing Sinclair Classes

Come to the Registration & Student Records area, Building 10, Second Floor, Dayton campus, or to your nearby Learning Center, during the audit registration period. Complete a yellow Golden Age Application and Registration Form, and submit it to the special College for Lifelong Learning desk. College for Lifelong Learning personnel will be there to assist you.

If auditing classes from the regular Sinclair curriculum, you need to register in person on the dates listed on Special Dates to Remember. Once classes have begun, registration is closed and you will not be able to get into any class.

Taking Sinclair Classes for Credit

Whether on campus or at credit centers such as Wright-Patterson, register through the Registration & Student Records office, Building 10, second floor, Dayton campus, or at your nearby Learning Center.

You may register and pay your fees at any time during the registration period. Please see the current semester schedule for the list of available classes. If you want counselor assistance, please call (937) 512-5184 for more information.

Withdrawal & Refunds

If withdrawing from a College for Lifelong Learning course, full refunds for sessions will be given if withdrawing within one week after the beginning of class. No refund for a single session workshop will be given after the workshop date.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please call us at (937) 512-5184 and we will be happy to help you!

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