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Proctored Testing

For questions about proctored testing and finding a proctor for a Sinclair test, please contact the SinclairOnline Testing Coordinator by emailing or by calling 937-512-2990 or 1-888-226-2457.

Proctoring for non-Sinclair tests can be arranged by contacting Workforce Development.

SinclairOnline Testing and Academic Integrity

The Sinclair Honor Code requires all students to uphold the values of social responsibility, citizenship, and personal accountability. To support implementation of the Honor Code and to protect the integrity of students’ work, some proctored or supervised testing may be required.

Within 60 miles

Students who live less than 60 miles from Sinclair’s Dayton campus will take their placement tests, proctored online or FlexPace course tests, and proficiency exams at a Sinclair Testing Center

Beyond 60 miles

Students who live 60 miles or more from Sinclair's Dayton campus have the option of using a proctor, or exam supervisor, to have their placement tests, proctored online or FlexPace course tests, and proficiency exams administered closer to home. Students are responsible for obtaining a suitable proctor and for any fees the proctor may charge. The How to Find a Proctor page has more information.

Do you live 60 miles or more from campus? Distance from Sinclair can be calculated using Google Maps.

Placement Tests

Sinclair uses a test called ALEKS for math placement testing and a test called ACCUPLACER for English placement testing.  Scores from these are used to assist with placing students in the right courses.  Students who already have college-level credits in English or math should contact their Advisor or Coach before taking any placement test. The Proctored Placement Test page has more information.  

Online Course Tests

Please check the list of SinclairOnline Courses Requiring Proctored Testing to find out if the tests for the course(s) you are taking require a proctor.  If you are taking FlexPace courses, check with your Academic Coach.  

Proficiency Exams

A proficiency exam measures a student’s knowledge of the subject area of the course. A student who passes a proficiency exam will earn credit for a specific Sinclair course without enrolling in the course. There is a non-refundable fee for testing that is paid before the test is given. The Proficiency Exams page has more information.

This information is subject to change.