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Sinclair College

Lunarline Partnership Creates Vital Training Services for Health Care Cybersecurity

Sinclair College and Lunarline signed a partnership agreement on Monday, Dec. 14, to develop advanced educational programs that address the growing need for cybersecurity training for the region's health care industry. 

Within the Dayton region, health care has an economic impact of more than $8 billion, with 34,000 individuals directly employed by the area's hospitals. A recent survey among health care organizations revealed that medical and health record information systems are considered the most at-risk to the threat of a cyber attack. As a result of these attacks and the increased amount of shared patient information that is at risk to data breaches, trained professionals who understand the specifics of the health care industry will continue to be in great demand. Education and training programs for incumbent and future health care workers will need to provide security training and awareness, assure resiliency and efficiency of IT operations, support consumer-facing applications and telemedicine, and comply with regulatory requirements. 

"Lunarline is an industry-leading provider of cybersecurity training and solutions, and we are very pleased to be building this partnership with them to focus on the needs of the health care industry," said Deb Norris, Senior Vice President for Sinclair Workforce Development. "With this partnership and this year's launch of Sinclair's Corporate College at Austin Landing focused on cybersecurity, Sinclair has taken a significant step forward in preparing this region for this growing field." 

Through this partnership, Sinclair and Lunarline will implement customized cybersecurity learning engagements for the region's health care workers, developing curriculum that is relevant for practitioners, management, and IT professionals. Training developed through the partnership will provide hands-on exercises and labs to train health care workers how to perform integral testing and analysis, and to conduct security-related exercises that emphasize steps that are proactive against potential cybersecurity threats. 

Globally, cyber crimes cost businesses upwards of $500 billion annually, and increased risk of cyber attacks is driving a demand for more industry-trained professionals. With a global market predicted to be worth more than $150 billion by 2019, Sinclair's Corporate College at Austin Landing helps prepare organizations seeking to defend against the growing threat of cyber attacks by offering training in areas such as risk assessment, incident response, data mining, and threat modeling.