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Sinclair Community College Celebrates Alumni Success Thanks to Generous Donor

Sinclair Community College proudly hosted a heartwarming event between Doug Rasor, a distinguished donor and former student, and the recipients of the Doug and Barbara Rasor Flex Fund scholarship. Bryan Perez and Aidan Wallace, who graduated from the Automotive Technology Program in May 2024, are students whose educational journeys were significantly impacted by the scholarship that was established through the Sinclair Foundation.

Established in February 2023, the Doug and Barbara Rasor Flex Fund scholarship aims to advance education for students enrolled in Sinclair's Automotive Technology Program or Aviation Program. The scholarship covers tuition, fees, books, tools, and equipment for students who demonstrate positive academic performance.

Aidan Wallace, now working at Jamie's Tire & Service in Xenia, and Bryan Perez, employed at Voss Hyundai in Centerville, expressed their deep gratitude to Mr. Rasor during the meeting. Their success stories exemplify the transformative impact of the Rasor’s generosity.

Doug Rasor, who lived in Ohio for thirty years before relocating across the country to pursue a successful career in technology startups and semiconductor businesses, never forgot his roots. A proud alumnus of Sinclair Community College, Doug earned an Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology before obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from Wright State University.

"I am immensely proud to support the talented and dedicated students at Sinclair Community College through this scholarship. Meeting graduates like Aidan and Bryan, who have excelled in the automotive technology program, was truly heartwarming. Their success stories are a testament to the impact of this scholarship, and I am excited to see how future recipients will continue to drive innovation and excellence in the aviation and automotive fields," said Rasor.

In addition to his support for the Automotive and Aviation Programs, Doug Rasor, a nutrition enthusiast, was particularly impressed with Sinclair’s Culinary Arts program. Inspired by the program's realistic career preparation, Doug and his wife Barbara also established the Doug and Barbara Rasor Culinary Arts Scholarship, awarded annually to a deserving student in the program.

"We are deeply grateful to Doug and Barbara Rasor for their tremendous generosity and unwavering support of Sinclair students. Through the establishment of these scholarships, the Rasors have made a profound impact on the lives of those pursuing careers in automotive technology, aviation technology, and culinary arts. Their commitment to education and student success is truly inspiring. It was incredibly heartwarming to witness the meeting between Doug and the two graduates. Their success stories are a testament to the lasting difference the Rasor’s support has made," added Dr. Zachary Beck, Chief Development Officer – Sinclair Community College Advancement Division.

The Sinclair Foundation's mission is to keep higher education accessible through student scholarships and to help Sinclair remain among the nation's leading community colleges. To learn more about the Sinclair Foundation and explore giving opportunities, visit