Sinclair Students and Faculty to Participate in Green Initiative Kickoff

Dayton, OH- Sinclair Community College employees and students are encouraged to will celebrate the college's re-energized green initiatives on Wednesday with "Green Our Scene".

Sinclair wants to become the "greenest" community college in the nation. To kick off this initiative, the college will hold a celebration from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the Buildings 1-7 plaza on Wednesday, October 22. Students and employees are invited to offer suggestions for additional steps the college can take to reduce its carbon footprint and diminish landfill waste:

Attendees will take part in several activities like:

· Playing a round of trash basketball
· Pitch some recycling corn hole
· Race in a solar-powered drag race
· Scribble green thoughts on a recycled paper schedule graffiti wall
· Watch the Art Club and Art Department create sculptures out of recyclable materials

The college will share demonstrations from its newly converted biodiesel lawn tractors. The tractors run on recycled grease from fryers located in the Tartan Marketplace.

Students can also learn about how Sinclair is leading in the development of solar, thermal, and wind turbines energies and how they can become a part of these developing industries.

Numerous local companies will be on hand to show attendees ways to make their personal environment more sustainable.

For more information about "Green Our Scene", visit .

Natasha Baker, APR
Director of Public Relations
Sinclair Community College
Phone: (937) 512-2221