Sinclair Students to Present Poster at Englewood City Council

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio (10/12/09) – The newly formed Student Leadership Committee at the Sinclair Englewood Learning Center will be presenting the results of its first community outreach project at the October 27 Englewood City Council meeting.

In remembrance of September 11, 2001, the student-led group had Englewood Learning Center students sign a poster with the lyrics to the United States National Anthem mounted on it.

“We wanted to find a special way to say thanks to all the local service men and women of our community,” said Dawayne Kirkman, manager of the Englewood Learning Center. “Our students really took the initiative to heart, and we have so many signatures on it.”

The poster will be presented at the next city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 27, at 7:30 pm. The students will be first on the agenda and will present the poster to our local heroes.

For more information about the Student Leadership Committee or the Englewood Learning Center, please call (937) 512-5830.

Natasha Baker, APR
P 937/512-2221
M 937/231-4957